Minecraft Mods Used For Adware and Backdoor Malware Again

Minecraft mods continue to cause trouble on the Google Play store. A recent cyber-security report uncovers a malware infecting operation aimed at Android devices through mods for Minecraft. The game was probably chosen for its continuing popularity and appeal to children.

Minecraft Mods and The Google Play Store

Minecraft mods have been swimming around the Google Play Store for a long time. Last year we reported the ValerySoftware Malware Apps that are identical to the current breakout of malicious mods. The current wave contains our old friend Yandere Chan. Other animu characters are also present in the batch of malware app.

As with the previous modware, these “apps” do absolutely nothing. There’s no content attached, so that Yandere Chan fans would be disappointed yet again. The difference this time is that the apps will not demand permissions to every single thing on your phone, but only to your Photo Media Files.

This is worse, as the crooks aren’t even warning you about what they are going to do. Once installed, the apps will acquire administrative access. Another “extra” of the mods is the addition of a malware downloader.

Once the apps are on your device, you’ll start seeing a lot of annoying ads and pop-ups. The usual adware shtick, which is annoying, but it isn’t the worst part. The downloader is. Your device will have a backdoor that can be used my all sorts of other malware besides the malvertising.

Children, Free Stuff, and Credit Cards

It’s probable that these mods will be downloaded by children and teenagers. They are even less likely to value cyber-security than their mostly oblivious parents. We usually don’t trust our children with our credit-card information, but giving them a device to play around with seems harmless and cheap until they end up downloading a Minecraft mod filled with malware that is. If your kiddies download a banking Trojan on your phone through the Minecraft mods, it would be worse than giving them free reign with your credit card.

Our advice is to look every download under a microscope and invest in anti-malware solutions for your cyber-security.

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