Should I Buy Anti-malware Protection For My Computer?

Cyberspace is the last frontier. Anything is possible in our day-and-age. You can get in touch with long-lost friends through social media. Families split apart by oceans can communicate on a daily basis. All great works of the past, from sculptures to films are available to us with a single mouse click. These innovations made the impossible possible, but sadly it’s not all good.

The Dangers of Malware Today

Various forms of malware (short for malicious software) infect users’ systems worldwide on a daily basis. Malware is primarily designed to gain access or damage a computer without your knowledge. It can come in a number of forms like Trojans, viruses, worms, ransomware, spyware, browser hijackers and more. The rise of cyberspace created a new breed of crime. The most common attacks performed by cyber criminals are:

Ransomware like Cerber and WannaCry
Browser Hijackers similar to
Devastating Trojan Viruses like Zeus

These malware threats target home users, small businesses, and even government institutions. Cyber crooks behind these schemes make tons of money. The Cerber virus alone made millions.

Where does all this profit come from? From you, or people just like you. If you think that you were never infected by a virus, you probably aren’t searching hard enough. The truth is that even your personal information that is stolen by malicious cookies can be sold for profit. Ransomware viruses often cost hundreds of dollars in damages. This is why a good anti-malware program is a must for anyone who takes security seriously.

Anti-Malware Tools – Paid vs. Free

There are a lot of options for free anti-malware tools. These programs often have a severely cut-down version that’s just a commercial for the paid version. This is a marketing ploy to draw more downloads. In reality, all good anti-malware and anti-virus services are paid.

There are hundreds of ransomware viruses, Trojans, browser hijackers, and other threats that pop up every day. The amount of research and analysis needed to combat them is pretty expensive. That’s why freeware programs can’t compete with the more professional software.

Pirated or cracked versions of anti-virus programs are even worse, as they don’t receive regular updates. Updates are crucial because of the rapid pace in which new cyber threats and exploits appear. All malware threats search for security holes and infect PCs through them. It’s easy to spot the contradiction of using an anti-malware software that has security breaches itself.

The circumstances are similar to those of TVs. All the best content comes from the paid premium networks while the meager stuff is available for free.

Stay Cyber Safe

Besides common pieces of advice like be careful about what email attachments you open, stay away from suspicious websites, be cautious when downloading freeware, the best protection from malware continues to be installed and up-to-date, quality anti-malware program.

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