Minecraft World Map Hacked, 71000 Credentials Compromised

A massive cyber attack has been carried out against the Minecraft fan site World Map. The intrusion occurred in January and 71000 accounts have been stolen.

Minecraft World Map Accounts Leaked

The cyber attack carried against the Minecraft fan site has resulted in a leak of the compromised data. The dumps include email addresses, IP data and username and password credentials for the World Map site. The login passwords are salted and hashed, so that leaves a certain amount of comfort for the affected users. However, everyone is advised to change their passwords immediately.

The security issue has been unreported to this moment when the information was exposed on the Internet by the criminals. The World Map website has been used by fans of the popular Minecraft game to share their crafted worlds.

Other attacks against the game or web sites associated with it have occurred previously. After an attack against the main game servers, seven million passwords were compromised by criminals and held for auction in the Dark Web.

Security staff had prompted users to reset their passwords by forcing the measure as a security countermeasure. So far no damage from this incident has been reported.

Another notable example of a breach has been carried out by the hacker group OurMine who stolen cookies from Minecraft’s web site in July.

Security experts indicate that cyber attacks will likely continue to target Minecraft and associated sites due to its popularity. The game has been downloaded over 100 million times in the last seven years and remains one of the most popular titles in its genre.

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Author : Martin Beltov

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