Blizzard Entertainment Suffered New DDoS Attacks

Are you a fan of the popular premier game developer Blizzard? Well, we want to inform you that it has become a target of DDoS attacks two times in a row for the last two days. The attacks happened very soon after the last conducted attack on Sunday night.

After their authentication servers and services that run the networks have been attacked apparently the world-famous company needs to face yet another issue and add it to the pile of DDoS problems.

New DDoS Attacks against Blizzard Entertainment

The DDoS attacks are carried out again by the hacking group PoodleCorp. They are relatively new group currently having 187k followers on Twitter. They are mainly interested in organizing DDoS attacks against popular gaming platforms and obviously enjoy messing around with gamers. This time, PoodleCorp hit Blizzard’s ISP (Internet Service Provider).

The actions of attacks were publicly announced by a series of tweets posted on their account. Just like they did at the time of the previous assault. The aim of the attacks was to get a reaction from the gamers.

The first DDoS attack was held on Tuesday, and the hackers had demanded 2k retweets from players in order to stop the harassment of Blizzard Entertainment. The second attack hit the company on Wednesday, and the challenge was 3k retweets. The reaction of the gamers was quick and soon after the tweets, they started to retweet them.


Furthermore, many annoyed users didn’t retain their opinion, and angry comments flooded different platforms in the web. Both attacks had affected the infrastructure of the game for three hours.

To sum up, with these two attacks, the number of large-scale DDoS attacks launched against Blizzard by PoodleCorp becomes five. Two of the attacks were carried out in August and three this month. And probably this won’t be the end.

Luckily, Blizzard’s services are back on track. However, should we expect the premier game developer to take any measures? data breach

Recently the PoodleCorp hacking group suffered a security breach. The data of their DDoS botnet control panel leaked online, and security researchers at LeakedSource carefully analyzed it. The information helped the researchers a lot in tracking down the Internet’s biggest DDoS-for-hire service called vDos which the hackers standing behind PoodleCorp use for their DDoS attacks.

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