SpyNote Trojan – New Threat to Android

A new Android Trojan APK known as SpyNote was released in the underground forums scene recently. As the malicious app spreads, users should be extra vigilant. SpyNote enables hackers to collect personal information like user messages and contacts. The APK can also be used to gain access to the camera and microphone of the infected device, making it possible for crooks to spy on infected users. The hackers can even make calls using infected devices.

What Is the SpyNote Trojan Exactly?

SpyNote is a RAT (remote administration tool). While RATs can have legitimate uses, such as screen sharing, they’re often used by hackers for nefarious purposes. SpyNote is no different. The malicious APK can be installed if the user isn’t careful. The app requires a massive amount of permissions, including:

  • The ability to edit text messages
  • Read call logs and contacts
  • The ability to delete data from the SD card on the device

SpyNote can be distributed even to non-rooted devices. Getting this virus on your phone can prove very troublesome. The virus can be dangerous, as it can be used to steal all sorts of personal information. As hackers can access your camera and microphone using SpyNote, they’ll be able to turn your phone/tablet into a surveillance device. The virus can even be used to access bank account information.
This is how the trojan’s control panel looks like:

Protect Yourself from SpyNote and Viruses Like It

Expect for the SpyNote virus app to become more active in the near future. Until then, you should take care to add to your Android security. Don’t download third party app files, especially outside the Google Play store. Most devices don’t allow installs from unknown sources by default. Make sure that your phone restricts access to unknown apps in the Settings=>Security=>Unknown Sources (the option should be unticked.) Be very careful who or what you’re letting into your Android device. If your phone or tablet suffers a breach, all sorts of nasty thing can follow. As we mentioned before, if you’re storing any information about your bank account on your device, hackers can get access to it. That can be a very costly and unpleasant experience for you. Other security threats include identity fraud, theft of personal video/photo material, or even mere pranks on your social media profile.
As of now, the trojan isn’t that active, but it’s expected for the malicious software to pick up speed. It’s still unknown how the situation is going to play out. Until then, stay tuned for further updated on the SpyNote trojan virus.

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