Samsung will partner with Dark Trace to defend IoT

Samsung SDS which is the global IT services provider of Samsung group will partner with Darktrace, one of the leading enterprise cyber threat software providers. The two companies will work together in creating solutions to protect IoT devices.

IoT Device Security Is a Major Concern for Both Companies

Darktrace is developing products for enterprise security, the algorithms used by them can identify emerging threats to computer systems and networks in real time, including aggressive ransomware. Samsung is going to work together with Darktrace to develop cyber security solutions for IoT devices. There has been a major rise of attacks made against and from Internet of Things and as vendors continue to produce more types of these products, so are the threats going to target them.

Strengthening IoT security can be done by utilizing a complex solution. As Darktrace offers a heuristic approach to malicious attacks, then this is a natural partnership. The Internet of Things as a global security risks has grown to become one of the major aspects of cyber security that requires the most complex policies and secure implementations.

The Internet of Things combines remote access and control, embedded computing and other functions that all depend on network access to function properly. These devices are often exposed to public access and as such are lucrative targets for criminal attacks. IoT products are used by both home users, corporations and production facilities worldwide and security exploits may not only open the door for viruses and other malware intrusions but can also cause serious damage.

Enterprise security solutions tailored specifically to IoT threats and implemented in a proper way may reduce the risk level to a minimum. Time will tell if Samsung and Darktrace are going to explore these opportunities. In any case, the news carries an important message that has been repeated numerous times by security experts: The threat to IoT devices is very real and corporations, and manufacturers have to take that seriously.

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