[email protected] Ransomware Virus Now Infects PCs

A new virus by the name of [email protected] has started infecting users. The virus scans the system of the user and encrypts any files that seem valuable. The encrypted files have the .crypt file extension. The virus can be very dangerous to users. It’s a ransomware virus that demands payment for the unlocking of the infected files.

[email protected] ransomware virus – How do crooks deliver it?

The ransomware is named after an email, so it makes sense that the crooks will also use infected emails to deliver their malicious product. These emails are made to look like legitimate messages from real companies, businesses, banks, agencies. The emails most often include an email with an infected .exe file or an office document. Some ransomware viruses have started using dll files as well. The emails can include some malicious URLs.

What Does the [email protected] Ransomware Virus Do Exactly?

Ransomware viruses follow a simple “business” plan – they demand money out of the owners of the encrypted PCs. The crooks use hard to break algorithms like the military grade AES, so the files are really hard to decrypt without a key. The price of a key for the encrypted files is around 3 BTC or around $ 1 700. This is high, even for a ransomware virus, and it’s possible that the crooks have set such a high price to leave room for bargaining.
[email protected] targets a lot of file types, but the most common are:

  • Videos
  • Documents
  • Music
  • Office files

These are the types of files users are most likely to want back if the PC is infected with a ransomware virus. The crooks know that full well.
The infected PC’s desktop will be changed to the ransomware note of [email protected]. The following message will be displayed on the screen:

Hello, dear friend!
We are writing to inform you that our team of network security specialists has analyzed your system and has identified vulnerabilities in the protection.
We kindly draw your attention that defensive operation on your computer is not running properly, and now the whole database is at risk.
All your files are encrypted and can not be accepted back without our professional help.
Obviously, vulnerability analysis, troubleshooting, decoding the information and then ensuring safety are not a simple matter.
And so our high-grade and quick service is not free.
Please note that today the price of your files recovery is 3 Bitcoins, but next day it will cost 5 Bitcoins.
You should buy bitcoins here https://localbitcoins.com/faq
Read the paragraphs:
1. How to buy Bitcoins?
2. How do I send Bitcoins and how can I pay with Bitcoins after buying them?
The Bitcoin wallet for payment is [wallet number] After the transfer of bitcoins, please send an email with a screenshot of the payment page.
We do not advise you to lose time because the price will increase with each passing day.
As proof of our desire and readiness to help you we can decipher a few of your files for the test.
To check this you can upload any one encrypted file on web site dropmefiles.com, size no more than 10 MB (only one text file or a photo) and send us a download link.
Certainly, after payment we guarantee prompt solution of the problem, decrypt the database to return to its former condition and consultation how to secure the rules of the system safety.
Kind regards Master Lock.

The virus is very dangerous, and people should try to remove it before paying the crooks any money.

[email protected] Ransomware Virus – in Summary

The virus is very dangerous, and users who were infected should collect as much information about it as they can before making their final decision on whether to pay the crooks. We would urge victims not to pay, as the crooks don’t deserve any financial reward for their malicious activities. Ransomware scammers make millions of dollars, which is way too much as it is.

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