A Massive Attack on Dyn Blocks Twitter and GitHub

A giant DDoS attack on Dyn DNS blocked access to multiple big websites across the Web. The attack was reported today on the company’s website.

The DDoS Attack of Dyn – What Happened?

The attack started on 11: 10 UTC and targeted the Dyn Managed DNS infrastructure which limited access to many Dyn client sites. The Internet management company is providing security services to Twitter, Netflix, Linkedin, SoundCloud, TripAdvisor, Reddit and others. The DNS services will make it difficult for some users to connect.

According to some sources, users from the East Coast of the US and Western Europe are most likely to be affected by the attack.

The attack is still fresh, and many details are unknown. It’s still unclear who’s behind the hit and what their motivation is. It’s possible that this will remain a mystery to the general public.

Dyn has released a statement claiming that their services have been restored:

Services have been restored to normal as of 13:20 UTC.

The Scale of the Dyn attack

The Internet is outraged by the DDoS hit. Many of us use Twitter, Reddit, and other sites that employ Dyn’s DNS and this attack will prove a huge blow to the company. The denial of service is annoying, but it’s not the most troubling part of the story. We still don’t know what the end-goal was. The full extent of the damage remains to be seen.

Back in September, the largest known DDoS attack was launched against the personal blog of cyber-security researcher Brian Krebs.

Another record breaking hack was the breach of Yahoo, where information from 500 million accounts was stolen.
It’s very difficult to know who carried out these attacks, which only makes the current security climate more innerving.
Expect updates as theDyn story developers

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