Remove Internet Speed Tool From Chrome, Mozilla, and Other Browsers

Internet Speed Tool is a malicious browser extension that can be removed easily. The threat is connected to a non-useful service for measuring internet speed. The site can cause many problems on your Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and other browsers, while spamming ads and slowing down your computer.

If you want to remove this threat, you can do it by following our guidelines closely and getting an anti-malware solution. Annoyance isn’t the only setback to having Internet Speed Tool on your computer, as the tool can also distribute dangerous ads and links.

Note for Mac users!
In case that your Mac has been affected by Internet Speed Tool or you suspect that other threats are running on it you can follow detailed instructions on how to detect and remove Mac viruses so you can keep the device clean and secure.

Internet Speed Tool Hijacker – Why Did I Get It?

The tool can be attached to your browser if you visited the website and fell for the promises made by the tool. Another way to contract the pest is to install software that’s associated with the IST hijacker. Low-tier software, especially of the freeware variety, will often include junk toolbars and hijackers like Internet Speed.

The best way to avoid installing these dangers is to never install programs through the “Easy” or “Quick” routes, as they will automatically get the unwanted content. Instead, you should opt for the “Custom” or “Slow” routes and remove any unwanted, unneeded, or malicious software that tries to get into your computer.

This method of trickery is very common, and users are advised to either follow the advice we just gave, get an anti-malware tool, or abstain from “free,” pirated, or gray market programs altogether. Porn sites and adware domains should also be avoided at all costs.

Internet Speed Tool – What Does It Do?

The tool makes money off your computer by displaying annoying ads to its gullible or malicious customers.

The current look of the website:

The tool is developed by a known adware company – Polarity Technologies Ltd. Their entire model of operation is to develop junky software similar to IST and to sell cheap Internet ads. Think of the firm as a very low-rent version of Google. They make many different sites, tools, and search engines to support their advertising ventures.

Of course, the difference is that Google is a company that provides many useful services at low costs, while Polaris provides no useful services. The good folks at Polarity also enjoy collecting any information that would help them distribute their products.

That information includes your:

  • IP address
  • Location
  • Name
  • Browser history

If you’re thinking that this isn’t a big deal since all these people are doing is collecting ads, then you’d be wrong. Cybersecurity is very lax in these firms and you never know who breaks into their databases. An advertiser can’t do much with your personal data, except give you an embarrassing ad, but a malicious hacker can use that information to break into your accounts and track your movement.

What Can I Buy To Remove The Internet Speed Tool Hijacker?

When it comes to cybersecurity, you can not be too careful. That is why everyone should think about getting professional protection for their computers. A good anti-malware tool will remove malicious software similar to Internet Speed Tool and even protect your computer from severe threats like adware, ransomware, and Trojan viruses.

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