Hacking Circle Jerk – Peace_Of_Mind Attacks w0rm

Recently, there was yet another case of hackers hacking hackers. Peace_of_Mind, a notorious cybercriminal hacked w0rm, another crook. This is a prime example of a story without a hero. All parties are in the wrong.

The Hacking of w0rm

Softpedia talked to Peace_of_Mind about the hack. According to him, “[w0rm] was reporting [vulnerabilities] of websites I had access to,” and “also he scammed a couple of ppl I know.”

The site of w0rm was hacked by Peace. For a while the site only displayed a message left by Peace:

“Hacked by Peace of Mind and prometheus for [expletive] with Hell Forum.”

Peace_of_mind is known for collecting and selling leaked data like in the http://bestsecuritysearch.com/200-million-yahoo-accounts-sale-darkweb/ w0rm is more known for hacking media sites like BBC, Vice, and CNET. W0rm is also famous for stealing information from closed underground forums, especially the Hell forum, a community of top hackers. That’s what put him in the sights of other cybercriminals. W0rm was attacked before, suffering two doxings.

Hacking of Criminals

Right now, the Web is more commercialized. One would think that this would make the Internet a safer place, but that’s not true. In fact, it’s more dangerous than ever. Our personal information gets collected by giant corporations only to get stolen from hackers like Peace_of_Mind.

Last month, we witnessed what may be the largest hack in history. 500 million accounts leaked from Yahoo. We still don’t know who was responsible. Yahoo blamed an unnamed government, but these claims were met with skepticism.

Crooks like Peace are after money. W0rm leaked data from limited access forum, which made it difficult for the members of these sites to make money. The cybercrime forums are especially dangerous. Some crooks try to scam the scammers like Pahan did with his malicious tools.

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