FBI Is Investigating Possible Possible Russian Intelligence Hack Against Major Media

Several reports state that Russian intelligence is suspected of hacking reporters and journalists working for the New York Times and other media. According to news sources, the FBI and other services are investigating the possible breach.

The Russian Intelligence Is the Main Suspect for the Security Intrusions

A hacker group working for Russian intelligence agencies are suspected of hacker attacks and security breaches against reporters from major media such as The New York Times. The intrusion has been detected in recent months and is now under investigation by the FBI and other security agencies from the USA. Various sites propose different scenarios about the attacks as both the FBI declined to comment.

The Times spokeswoman Eileen Murphy has stated that the company has not seen any evidence of a security breach. According to her statement, The Times utilize security mechanisms in their internal systems as well as offshore bureaus. The hackers apparently target individual reporters and journalists and not the media itself. If the attack is truly made by the Russian Intelligence or criminals on their behalf, then they would probably be after sensitive material. Unpublished reports, drafts and other valuable types of information that could give more insight into the US political system would be very beneficial to any foreign intelligence agency.

There have been multiple reports of attacks made against the main political opponents in the presidential campaign. All major contenders for the position have expressed concerns over security numerous times. So far only a few reports indicate that the allegations may be true.
Some intelligence officials have reported that there is a high probability that the hacker attempts were made by the FSB and GRU agencies of the Russian Federation. If these speculations turn out to be true, then the presidential administration would have the opportunity to warrant a response to the criminal actions.

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