Facebook Develops A Moderator Artificial Intelligence

Facebook – your daily source of news, articles, pictures of friends you’ll never meet again, and videos that command you to turn on the sound. Now there’s a new tool that’s supposed to make this process slightly better – artificial intelligence that removes offensive content.

Facebook Artificial Intelligence – Censorship on Naughty Pictures and Videos

Facebook usually relies on the manual removal of offensive content based on user feedback. Now they’re looking to improve the process by developing AI. The algorithm is still being tested. The goal of the new tech is to remove questionable content as fast as possible, including during live-streaming. The criteria for censorship aims at nudity and violence. The AI development was reported by Reuters.

Facebook’s AI – What Would It Do?

The new Facebook AI sounds troubling, considering that there are reasons to believe that the social network is developing censorship tools for the Chinese government.

Just like everything that the social network industry makes, this artificial intelligence will be used for harmless purposes and can prove dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands. The technology will probably prove efficient in removing some inappropriate data, but they’ll likely be a lot of legitimate content that would also get the ax.

All of this makes the power of Facebook seem more sinister by the day. The data collection of the sites has become so bad that multiple countries around the world have started to take notice. Germany sanctioned Facebook for intrusive data collection on WhatsApp. Article 29 also gave a warning to the site.

The truth is that Facebook hasn’t been proven as a trustworthy company. The new AI may be used to flag an offensive joke or two or remove fake news, but in the long run, the technology may be used for more nefarious purposes.

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