The Danger of UTCService.Exe and UTCService.Exe Errors

UTCService.exe is a file associated with TouchUtility Manual Right Click. It is developed by TouchUtility. UTCService.exe is an executable file, and you may detect it as running processes in the Task Manager.

Executable files serve the computer’s operating system to run different programs. This file type can’t be read by humans because it is compiled. The computer is performing the instructions in the .exe files every time the file is running.
Some strange and unexpected errors related with UTCService.exe process may be displayed on the PC screen. In case the UTCService process and errors related to it seem unfamiliar to you and you are wondering if there is any danger to your system keep reading the article.

UTCService.Exe and UTCService.Exe Errors in Detail

The following text will give you thorough information about UTCService.exe and UTCService.exe errors to help you recognize if this process hides any danger for your computer.


The UTCService.exe can be found at the following location:

→C:\Program Files\TouchUtility\UTCService.exe

The md5 hash (Message Digest algorithm 5) of version is:


The size of UTCService.exe version should be 53 KB.

UTCService.Exe Errors

A variety of reasons can cause file system errors. It could be due to incomplete installation, improper removal of software, improper shutdown of the computer and the result may be activation of malicious software that may delete or corrupt Windows system files. Corruption of system files leads to improper working of the applications.

Error- utcservice.exe

One of the errors related to UTCService.exe you could see states “utcservice.exe is wrong.” It could result in failure of the proper operation of TouchUtility Manual Right Click.

What could be the reason for this error?

One of the quite possible reasons is malicious software on the system that tries to corrupt the UTCService file and hence the system.
Another probable reason is an accumulation of too many junk files that damage the file utcservice.exe and make the system unsteady.

Other errors related to UTCService.exe’s breakdown that you may witness are:

  • “Unable to launch the software located at path: utcservice.exe.”
  • “Access Violation File utcservice.exe.”
  • “Problem in loading utcservice.exe.”
  • “utcservice.exe cannot be located.”
  • “X program cannot start because utcservice.exe is missing from the system.”

Keep or Remove UTCService.Exe?

Malware often takes the form of executable code. It’s a common practice of cyber-criminals to hide or embed the malware in non-malicious files. Malware can steal personal, financial or business information, disrupt computer processes, display unwanted advertisements and gain access to private computer systems. Therefore all executable files represent a potential threat to the system. UTCService.exe is no exception and is also a potential danger for your system. It may be the target of malicious software that causes the emergence of errors.

How can you know if you should keep it or better remove it?

Compare the size of the file that is on your PC to the original size of the file. If the sizes differ, UTCService.exe may be accumulated by malicious software. To find out if this is the case run a scan with your current anti-malware program.Another way to see if UTCService.exe is a danger is uploading the file from the system to VirusTotal and checking the results. In case it seems safe keep it. Remove it if it appears unsafe.

Security advice: Keep your apps up to date and avoid the danger of malware.

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