Can We Trust the Internet of Things (IoT) for Our Home Security?

IT operations manager Chris Ciabarra has reported that the killer application of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices may be home security automation.

The IoT Can Potentially Be Trusted for Your Home Security

The IT operations manager Chris Ciabarra wrote in a major media that one of the potential killer application of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices that are becoming popular among both consumers, business owners, and critical infrastructure use.

He proposes that the Internet of Things have a big advantage over other product classes. By design, IoT devices are cheap, small and efficient. They communicate over standard protocols for network connectivity (mainly WiFi and Bluetooth) and usually are administered over a web interface that provides an easy to use setup menu. The additional benefit of these appliances are that they are easy to install, no cabling is needed to connect them to your home router for network access.

The author suggests that people use IoT platforms with subscription packages to ensure that the latest security updates and features are automatically installed on the devices. Users of IoT home security systems are also more likely to adopt such appliances for other users too. Examples include home automation and streaming media players as well. One of the major causes of the widespread consumer adoption of the IoT platforms are these home security systems, according to Chris Ciabarra. Based on the fact that people value security the most and will invest in its upkeep, the Internet of Things is the most beneficial way of securing a home or office. The devices themselves are cheaper and easier to use than the majority of the competition.

And yet while the Internet of Things continues to be making progress by proposing appliances for all possible scenarios, the security vendors and experts advise caution. There have been notable security exploits based on default user configurations and software vulnerabilities on IoT devices.

Features of Some IoT Home Security Systems

We already revealed some of the inherent advantages of the Internet of Things home security platforms. But some of the features that these packages provide are truly well-developed on better designed than most of the traditional competitors.

  • Administration and Reporting Options – Most IoT platforms utilize some ecosystem that connects all home security appliances in a secured network. Administration and reporting can be achieved via a web browser connecting to the cloud manager or directly to the main device. Virtually all vendors have developed smartphone and tablet applications for all major operating systems that are well developed and secured.
  • Notifications– As the IoT devices are always connected to the Web the user can utilize real-time monitoring of the system status and the protected areas.
  • Platform Security – The Internet of Things is based on platforms that are not the standard desktop operating systems. As such they are probably less likely to be targeted by malware developed for home users. The attackers will need to know the exact system architecture and running services to be able to devise an exploit.
  • Tight Integration – These platforms are quite flexible when a new piece of hardware is added to the ecosystem. Most solutions provide an easy way to register a new camera, infrared sensor or another security devise to the ecosystem.

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