38 Mobile Brands Get Sold With Pre-Installed Malware

Nine out of ten times, a malware infection would be due to user mistake, or lack of cyber-security protection. The other one may be carried out before the users even touch their device. CheckPoint claims that many new mobile devices have pre-installed malware.

Mobile Phones – Now With Free Malware!

According to a Check Point report many mobile devices were infected with certain malware threats somewhere along the supply chain. The malware does not originate from the initial manufacturer, even though many mainstream companies border on spy agencies these days. Of course, it’s not technically a virus if you agree with the Terms and Conditions of these agencies.

You can’t even trust your Teddy.

The preinstalled threats include:

  • Slocker ransomware – a virus that encrypts your phone using the AES algorithm.
  • Loki malware – a virus that has many malicious capabilities, including adware and keylogging.
  • Com.google.googlesearch – an APK adnet.

Check Point list of affected devices includes: Samsung Galaxy Note 2, LG G4, Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy Tab S2, Oppo N3, LenovoS90, Lenovo A850.

What Should We Make Of This?

While Check Point claims that these threats aren’t from the factory floor, can we really trust anyone these days? Hacking allegations are being thrown left and right. News about government overstepping the boundaries of privacy is a daily occurrence.

The recent ransomware viruses and malware attacks seem so professionally carried out, that government involvement isn’t out of the question. We can’t really know for sure if it’s Russia, The United States, China, or someone sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds, the results remain the same – loss of freedom within the world-wide-web.

The large amount of malware on the new phones is too complex as an operation to be carried out by mere ransomware scammers. It’s possible that the people behind it are garden-variety crooks, but very unlikely.

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