Sony finally adds two-factor authentication to Playstation Network

Sony added an optional two-factor authentication feature for Playstation Network accounts. Security experts strongly advise all users to activate it for better protection against hackers.

Two-Factor authentication is optional but strongly suggested by experts

Sony players can finally experience better protection as Sony introduced optional two-factor authentication to Playstation Network. This is done using the password and a security code that is texted to the user’s mobile phone. The code is used only for sign-ins on PC devices. For Playstation consoles and handheld devices and some smartphones that are PSN users will need to generate device-specific passwords.

These device passwords will allow users access to whatever Playstation machines they own without having to enter the authentication code every time. The security benefits are two – unauthorized sign-in attempts will be halted as the malicious attacks will need the security code. And if a user misplaces their Playstation, then they can revoke the device passwords from the browser.

The Playstation Network has had several large attacks made against it in the past. The most notable case was in 2011 when 77 million accounts were compromised. The Sony servers were shutdown for more than three weeks as the company was recovering from the malicious intrusion.

Security experts hope that the addition of two-factor authentication will help to strengthen the service.

You can access the two-factor authentication setup here.

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