Secure Communications with PirateBox

PirateBox is a good way of creating offline wireless networks for sending anonymous messages, chats, and file sharing.

PirateBox Is DIY and Easy to Make

PirateBox has the potential to be both used for good and bad purposes. It is a system built with free software that uses cheap off-the-shelf equipment to create the anonymous wireless network. It is designated to portable, and a has a rich feature set. The name of the project because it is inspired by the free culture movement.

The system is designed to be both secure and private, no logins are required, and no data about the users is stored. All usage is anonymous as the system is purposely not connected to the Internet to prevent tracking and privacy protection. The PirateBox can be installed on most popular routers, rooted Android phones, and the Raspberry Pi computer. The appliance can also be installed on a laptop.

PirateBox Features

The features of the system allows for the following capabilities:

  • UpnP Media Server Streaming
  • Image and Message Board Creation
  • Chat Rooms
  • Browser-based File Sharing System
  • Responsive web design
  • Mods Support

Depending on the destination architecture and platform a variety of other modifications can also be made. The community is active, and there are a lot of other features that can be implemented.

PirateBox Usage

When the PirateBox is installed and configured all users who connect to the device and open up their browsers will be redirected to the portal of the locally installed project copy. From there on they can access the activated and configured features.

PirateBox is easy to modify and can be adapted to serve for other uses as well. Some well-known scenarios include the following:

  • Distributing music by musicians at gigs and festivals
  • Distributing education on materials by teachers to students
  • Used by emergency workers and volunteers for distributing local first aid information and community updates
  • Used by librarians and writers to store, collect and distribute various texts
  • Used by conference organizers to distribute conference materials and to provide a local wireless commenting solution during presentations
  • Coworking on projects

To find out more visit Piratebox’s official site.

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Author : Martin Beltov

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