Samsung Patches Galaxy S6 Edge Critical Vulnerability and adds Samsung Cloud

Samsung released their latest monthly security patch which includes a fix for a critical vulnerability affecting the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The tech giant includes various other improvements and feature additions that include Samsung Cloud, the company’s new cloud backup solution. The total size of the update is 151.89 MB. Users can install it by using the Software Smart Switch PC software or by waiting for the phone notification. Owners of all Samsung devices are advised to apply the fix as soon as it is available for download.

Further Details into the Security Issue

The vulnerability affects only the Galaxy S6 Edge device, and the Korean manufacturer doesn’t spare many details about it. What is known is that the early reports speculated that this might be related to the QuadRooter issue. However, security experts from Check Point informed the media that the vulnerability is unrelated and is a new issue that targets and affects only the flagship phone. The Galaxy S6 Edge uses an Exynos 7420 Octa chipset which means that QuadRooter could not possibly be the cause.

The New Features

The software update also adds improved memory management by optimizing the system’s performance when the user has many active unused applications. The manufacturer also states that the overall stability is improved. Samsung Cloud is also added, the company’s new cloud storage service. The tool lets the users to backup their phone’s memory as well as store documents, photos, videos and other data. Additional improvements have been made in Bluetooth performance and GPS navigation.

The update version is G925IDVS3EPH2, and users can update to it by navigating to the Settings > About phone > Check for updates page on their Galaxy S6 Edge phone. Depending on your area and/or carrier the patch could be slightly delayed as the download servers ease up on their load.

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