President Putin Approved The New Russian Information Security Doctrine

The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has approved the new information security doctrine for the country which aims to protect the Russian Web from various threats.

The New Russian Information Security Doctrine Has Been Updated

The Russian President Vladimir Putin has approved a new version of the national information security doctrine. The newly updated document aims to protect all citizens from Internet security threats. Some of the main concepts discussed in the document include terms pertaining to both information security issues and national security policies.

The National Interests of the Russian Federation in terms of the information sphere are discussed – these include the objective needs of the individual citizens, the society as a whole and the state in protecting it from threats. The document also discusses some of the threats that cyber security experts and the state face – terrorism by individuals and extremist organizations, scammer schemes and foreign intelligence services which are also labeled as a serious threat. According to the Russian state the main ways to combat them is to counter the spread of illegal information and piracy, substitute the import of foreign equipment and software and to protect the critical information infrastructure. The document specifically mentions a new concept that deals with the development of national control systems of the Russian Web.

The new version of the doctrine will work together with international organizations to ensure equal and mutually beneficial cooperation in the information security sphere. A new section is added which indicates that the government will work together with various organizations and citizens to solve cybersecurity issues. An important note is that the state will respect the balance between the needs of its citizens in free exchange of information and the limits that are imposed in guarding the Russian Federation’s national security. This is related to some of the measures that are taken by the country that increase its control over the national and international Internet access.

The information security threats are going to be monitored on a regular basis using the GosSOPKA system which is the acronym for the ГосСОПКА system – National system for detection, prevention and elimination of consequences of cyber attacks. This system works in the realms of the Russian Federation and its diplomatic and consular representatives across the world.

You can access the document via the official site of the Russian Federation’s Security Council by clicking here.

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