New Apple and Paypal Phishing App Identified

Security researchers have discovered a new Apple and Paypal Phishing App which is disguised as an iPhone unlocker that works with the Paypal payment platform.

The Apple and Paypal Phishing App Is Cleverly Disguised

Security experts have identified a new Apple and Paypal Phishing App which is cleverly disguised by its developers. The dangerous virus is made to look like a utility used to unlock various iPhone models.

The application runs in a window with the title “iCloud Remover v1.0”. The application requires the Apple account of the victims. They need to select their iPhone model, unlock method and also enter their IMEI. The counterfeit price is 100 US Dollars for each unlock. The file is being distributed as a binary executable mainly on P2P networks and untrusted download sites that feature illegal applications.

The following fields are presented to the user:

  • Apple account email
  • Apple account password
  • Payment Type – Paypal or Credit/Debit
  • Select iPhone
  • iPhone Mode
  • Unlock Method
  • iPhone IMEI

If the user interacts with the program then they are present with a Paypal window which asks them for their paypal account. If a payment is made a popup window is shown which has the following text:

Your IMEI Process Will Starting. After 12 to 24 hour You can
Restore iPhone!

This app relies on two separate types of scams that are combined into one:

  1. iPhone Scams – There are a ton of scam sites and utilities that pose as selling unlocking tools or services. In many cases they steal the payments and can be dangerous to the individual devices as they can install adware, malware and even backdoors. Depending on the scam site a different technique might be imposed.
  2. Paypal Scams – These are usually overlay windows or malicious redirects that point to a Paypal-looking gateway which requires the user’s account to make a payment or to confirm their identify. Numerous malicious sites use them for easily acquiring large income in a short period of time.

To protect yourself from such threats always be wary of sites that promise iPhone unlocking or other related services. In the majority of cases they contain dangerous malware threats such as viruses, ransomware and Trojans. We recommend that everyone use trusted anti-spyware and anti-virus security tools to safeguard their computers from dangerous downloads.

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Author : Martin Beltov

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