The Microsoft .Net Framework Will Have Monthly Updates Like Windows

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Microsoft is going to offer monthly updates to the .Net Framework starting from October. The new update scheme is going to be called “Monthly Rollup” and it will align with the Windows operating system update to bring a more seamless update process.

The New .Net Updates Schedule

Microsoft is unifying the way updates work on Windows computers. The .Net Framework monthly updates are going to keep each supported version updated to the latest stable version available to consumers. Each month the package will contain all the needed fixes available at that time. The way the updates are packaged give users the ability to always have the most update versions as each monthly update superseeds the former. That means that if a user has missed a few months of updates, they will only have to apply the latest one to acquire all known fixes.

The size of the packages will be around 60 MB each, and they can be accessed using the Windows Update, Windows Server Update or the Microsoft Update Catalog service. This new mechanism will deliver updates to .Net Framework for Windows 7 SP1 and 8.1 in an easier mannerusers. The users will have the option of choosing to update .Net via the Security-Only Monthly Rollup from Windows Server Updates Services or the Catalog.

The .Net Framework is one of the most popular software frameworks available for developers today. It provides the tools and environment to create feature rich, complex applications and works with a variety of programming languages. The framework enjoys popularity among both users and developers as one of the most popular products employ it.

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