KFC UK Colonel’s Club Hacked

The UK’s Colonel’s Club KFC loyalty program has been breached by hackers, all users have their passwords reset by the company.

KFC’s UK Colonel’s Club Breached

The international restaurant chain KFC has informed the UK Colonel’s Club customers to change their passwords. The instructions came after security experts stated that the loyalty program’s website has been breached and several user accounts potentially have been compromised.

At this moment there is not much information available however we can assume that the hackers have used some sort of an exploit to gain access to the database that holds the account records. All customers of the program are advised to change their passwords to other services immediately if they use the same string.

As KFC has issued a password reset notification to the users so it is very likely that a list of email addresses and passwords may have been stolen. We would like to inform all concerned users that the company does not store any billing information so no financial customer data was acquired.

A sample message from KFC reads the following:

Hello Martin,

Our monitoring systems have found a small number of Colonel’s Club accounts may have been compromised as a result of our website being targeted. Whilist it’s unlikely you have been impacted, we advise that you change your password as a precaution. If you use the same email address and password across other services, you should also reset them, just to be safe.

To create a new password, log into Colonel’s Club via the app or at kfc.co.uk and change your password in ‘My Account’.

As this type of problem is becoming more common online, we’ve now introduced additional security measures to further safeguard our members’ accounts and to stop this kind of thing happening again.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

We remind everyone that the Colonel’s Club is the loyalty program of KFC which allows customers to collect “Chicken Stamps” and earn various free food rewards as well as acquiring exclusive offers from the restaurant chain.

It can be accessed using a mobile application that is used to scan specialist stamps which are issued by the restaurants. Upon the acquirement of a certain number of stamps they can be traded for rewards.

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