Keylogger Poses As A Bitcoin Generator

The malware researcher Jiri Kropac has uncovered a new counterfeit Bitcoin generator that is actually a keylogger built to harvest sensitive information from the victims.

Do Not Use The Bitcoin Generator

More and more counterfeit applications start to appear as the holiday season has started. Such examples are especially popular as they are typically spread on various sites that promote software sales and other usual activities. The malware expert Jiri Kropac has identified a new fake application that poses as a Bitcoin generator. The source code of the software includes a keylogger that is designed to harvest sensitive user information such as account credentials and online banking accounts.

The fake Bitcoin generator is distributed as an installation package that uses the standard Windows installation graphics. This can fool the user into thinking that this is actual working software. The criminal developers have even devised a detailed “Terms of Use” page that has the usual Decline/Accept checkboxes.

The app displays a large window upon starting which contains several text boxes. Among them are payout amount selections, hashing methods and other related terms that are often used by crypto currency holders.

As it contains a keylogger module the program will automatically start to record the user keystrokes and transmit them to a remote malicious server. This means that in practice every user interaction is recorded and that can lead to severe information harvesting.

In many cases viruses such as this one can be used as conduits for other malware.

The Fake Bitcoin Generator Is Distributed Widely On The Net

There have already been several campaigns that host the Bicoin Generator on various download sites and P2P networks. The criminals who operate the malware have placed it in single executable files which are then hosted on various servers and networks. As bitcoins are getting popular more and more computer users are likely to search for different queries in search engines and various sites. As the criminal operators of the virus probably operate several malicious ads networks and various sites they can easily infect a large number of victims in a short time frame.

At the current moment most ant-spyware vendors are adding the virus to their updated definition lists.

You can protect yourself by avoiding any untrusted Bitcoin related sites that promote such methods of gaining the crypto currency. The counterfeit Bitcoin Generator is widely distributed on P2P networks like BitTorrent so be careful when browsing the trackers as well.

We recommend that you use a trusted anti-spyware tool that can remove existing infections and also protect yourself from dangerous viruses like this one.

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