Germany Marks an 80% Increase in Cyber-Criminal Activity For 2016

Germany suffered a large raise in cyber-crime for the last year. The country shows an 80% increase in IT-related crime.

Germany and Cyber-Crime

The increase in German cyber-crime from 2015 to 2016 seems to be staggering – around 80% or 82,649 cases. Many more crimes have been committed with the help of the Internet – 253,290 according to the German newspaper Die Welt.

Cyber is Getting More Prevalent

This shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. People are getting more and more reliant on computers and the Internet, and criminals are no exception. Doing crimes through the Web is much more convenient, faster, and safer for both cops, robbers, and victims. The sad part is that cyber-crime is also one of the most preventable methods of doing ill.

The sheer amount of users on the web makes the victim pool greater than ever before. The cyber-crime in Germany and other countries will continue to grow as users still remain somewhat technologically illiterate.

The truth is that almost all cyber-crime on the “street” level – ransomware scamming, Trojan spreading, theft of bank-account information – could be prevented easily with the right measures and anti-malware tools. The decision whether or not to do it is entirely up to the user, as governments seem more keen on hacking and then blaming each other for their crimes.

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