All About The Fat Rat Malware Generation Utility

Computer security hackers have created an easy to use a utility called The Fat Rat which is used to generate various forms of malware. It relies on the msfvenom module which is part of the Metasploit framework.

About The Fat Rat Malware Maker

Computer experts have devised a new utility which can easily craft custom malware strains. It is called The Fat Rat and it uses the msfvenom module which is part of the popular Metasploit framework. The tool is able to compile the viruses with popular payloads and then compile the resulting file to run a specific platform – Microsoft Windows, Android or Mac OS X. In addition all malware which have been crafted by The Fat Rat can bypass many of the popular anti-virus software protection features. The hacking utility runs as a simple script which uses interactive menus to guide the user into creating their custom malware. The following options are available when The Fat Rat is launched:

  1. Create Backdoor with msfvenom

  2. Create Fud 100% Backdoor (Slow but Powerful)

  3. Create Fud Backdoor with Avoid v1.2

  4. Create Fud Backdoor with backdoor-factory (embed)

  5. Backdooring Original apk (Instagram, Line, etc.)

  6. Create Fud Backdoor 1000% with PwnWinds (Excellent)

  7. Create auto listeners

  8. Jump to msfconsole

  9. Searchsploit

  10. File Pumper (Increase your Files Size)

  11. Cleanup

  12. Help Credits

  13. Exit

The Utility is capable of automating several important Metasploit Framework functions:

  • Checks for Metasploit service and starts if not present

  • Easily craft meterpreter reverse_tcp payloads for Windows, Linux, Android and Mac and another

  • Start multiple meterpreter reverse_tcp listners

  • Fast Search in searchsploit

  • Bypass AV

  • File pumper

  • Create backdoor with another technique

  • Autorunscript for listeners ( easy to use )

  • Drop into Msfconsole

The included Autorun backdoor can work if the victim has disabled the User Access Control prompts or an exploit has allowed for privilege escalations.

The Fat Rat is a dangerous tool as it allows anyone to create dangerous malware with custom payloads. The fact that the utility allows for stealth protection of several popular methods of virus detection means that all kinds of viruses can be infiltrated on target computers. They can range from simple Trojans to more advanced forms of ransomware which can cause both data loss, sabotage and other forms of damage. This is the reason why we recommend that everyone should use a quality anti-spyware solution. These specialised software products can both remove all active dangerous infections on the host’s computer and also protect them at all times.

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Note for Mac users!
In case that your Mac has been affected by The Fat Rat or you suspect that other threats are running on it you can follow detailed instructions on how to detect and remove Mac viruses so you can keep the device clean and secure.

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