Facebook Notification Virus – Remove It Permanently

The Facebook Notification Virus is software which enters in the system of users by sending fraudulent Facebook notifications. By clicking on the notification, the user grants access to the virus. Most infected users complain that this malware can get into the system by clicking on fake notification or even via Bundled downloads and spam e-mail messages. Users affected can get redirected to scamming sites, fake homepages and new tabs. Heavy advertising is also present in the virus.

Facebook Notification Virus – What Does It Do

After being affected by this virus, it may begin to advertise heavily on your computer. This includes advertisements such as web banners, pop-up ads, highlighted text, ad-supported search results, and other advertisements. Such advertised content may also be indirectly dangerous to your computer in the sense that they may infect it with other unwanted programs and malware as well.

This virus is also reported to obtain personal credentials and other information:

  • IP addresses.
  • Facebook account info.
  • Browser History.
  • Online Search History.
  • Email address.

It is of great importance that any viruses should be deleted from your computer because it is crucial to have cyber-safety and also stop cyber-criminals from dealing more damage to your computer and information.

Facebook Notification Virus and Its Distribution

This virus can affect users who usually disregard notifications and click on fake ones. Such notifications may be persuasively designed to trick users, making them believe they appear from a well-known source. Another method of distribution this virus may use is via bundling. To avoid bundled installers (with Facebook Notification Virus in them) make sure to always check the “Custom” or “Advanced” installation options of the programs you install. Such programs can also be seen to be added “As free extras” in the installation steps.

In addition to that it is always good to check Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer for new add-ons after installing this software because Facebook Notification Virus may spread as a browser extension as well.

Delete Facebook Notification Virus

As the most used social media website today, Facebook is very widely used and important. Furthermore, a lot of us use it to communicate on daily basis with our relatives, friends, co-workers and even someone new. This is what makes it a necessity for most of us. In case your computer was infected by the Facebook Notification Virus, it is strongly recommended to use an anti-malware tool. Such a tool will automatically find the virus and permanently delete all associated files, as well as registry entries, from the affected computer.

SpyHunter anti-malware tool will diagnose all current threats on the computer. By purchasing the full version, you will be able to remove all malware threats instantly. Additional information about SpyHunter / Help to uninstall SpyHunter

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