The Epic Games Forums Have Been Hacked

The Epic Games Forums have been hacked by criminals. Information for about 808 000 Unreal Engine and Unreal Tournament accounts have been leaked. All passwords are salted so users should not worry about resetting them. Private information, however, has been compromised.

The Hackers Cannot Harvest the Passwords from the Epic Games Forums

The Epic Games staff have issued an announcement that there has been a security breach in the user forums. Personal information such as email addressees, birth dates, and private messages have been compromised. However, the passwords have not been stolen by the users as they are salted. The passwords themselves are stored elsewhere and do not affect the breach in the vBulletin forums software. The security exploit happened because of an SQL injection hole. Users who have used Facebook Login for authentication will find that the security tokens have been lifted.

The staff recommends all users change their passwords as a countermeasure for possible security issues. Experts suggest that phishing attacks may be upcoming as the harvested data contains a lot of personal information that could be exploited.

Other related forums such as Paragon, Fortnite, Shadow Complex and Spyjinx are not affected.


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Author : Martin Beltov

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