DarkOverlord Hackers Hacked WestPark Capital Bank

The infamous DarkOverlord hackers have hacked the WEstPark Capital Bank and demand ransom payment from the institution to prevent data leakage.

WestPark Bank Hacked by DarkOverlord Collective

The DarkOverlord hackers who were previously active on the DarkNet underground community. They posted several files publicly to demonstrate that they have infiltrated the network of WEstPark Capital Bank. The released data also contains some Non-Disclosure agreements, stock offerings, confidential contracts, and presentations.

The data is highly sensitive and also contains information related to the following companies:

  • SC FB HOLDINGS, LLC – A private offering of Facebook Securities
  • Calidant Capital,LLC – Released Non-disclosure agreements
  • Houston American Energy Corporation – Release an agent share buyback agreement
  • AgION, LLC – Information about the background and reputation investigation of the directors
  • DivorceForce LLC – Sale Escrow Agreement
  • Intra-Asia Entertainment Corporation – Information regarding the background and reputation investigation of the directors
  • JV Holdings, LLC – Disclosed recommendation letter from the J. P. Morgan Private Bank
  • Pivot Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – Released Non-disclosure agreement
  • Roth Capital Partners – Released Invitation note
  • TroyGould Attorneys – Leaked legal paperwork documents
  • Corporate Stock Transfer Rights Agent to Tandon Digital, Inc. – Company bank statements
  • WindStream Technologies, Inc. – Executive Investment Summary
  • Zyppah, Inc. – Private Placement Memorandum

The Motives behind the DarkOverlord Attack

Some sources point out that a possible reason for the attack is the result of a rejected offer by the hacker collective from the CEO of the bank. The offer included a business offer that would benefit him. However, the decline of the offer has angered the cyber criminals into making the intrusion.

The DarkOverlord hackers are demanding a ransom fee of almost one million US dollars according to several reports. The extortion is made to stop them from leaking further private information contained by the financial institution.

The same underground criminal collective has identified to selling a large IS healthcare insurance database containing the files of 689 000 patients for the price of 770 Bitcoins.

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