Cyber Attack Hit Saudi Government Facilities

Cyber criminals have attacked major Saudi government facilities in a series of security intrusions. The government has responded by conveying a group of experts to investigate the issues.

Saudi Government Facilities Are the Latest Target for Hackers

Security reports have indicated that a series of major hacker attacks have been issued against high profile Saudi government facilities. According to the Saudi Press Agency, cyber experts from the country held an urgent discussion on Tuesday. The reasons given were targeted intrusion attacks against government institutions and major installations in the kingdom. According to the information the attacks were carried for several weeks.

So far there are no official reports or information about specific Saudi targets, as well as the group who is behind the attack. Experts claim that foreign powers might be involved. Allegedly the hackers utilized spyware against Saudi websites to steal sensitive information from the targets.

The cyber experts are expected to introduce appropriate countermeasures and to analyze the source of the attack. As the attacks are probably still ongoing, they will have to develop an appropriate plan of action to counter the attempts and to ensure that no data is stolen, or systems are compromised.

The last known major attack against the country was carried out in June when a major newspaper was hacked. The criminals gained control of the main server and posted fake news on their website.

The most well-known against Saudi Arabia occurred in 2012 when a virus infected 30000 computers of one of the world’s largest energy companies, the Saudi Aramco.

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