ChatSecure Is A Secure iOS and Android Chat App

Computer developers have have created an open source instant messaging client ChatSecure for iOS and Android that supports OTR support and the XMPP protocol.

ChatSecure Is A Secured iOS and Android Chat Client

Computer programmers continue to create open-source solutions that allow the users to communicate in a secure and efficient way. ChatSecure is merely the latest try to create an elegant solution. This is a project to create an instant messaging client that supports both the iOS and Android mobile operating systems.

It is based on the XMPP protocol and promises the iOS and Android users a free and open-source secure way of communication using encrypted OTR (“Off the Record”) messages.

The latest version of ChatSecure supports several important features including the following:

  • Tor support for XMPP

  • XMPP account creation

  • Media messaging via OTRDATA

  • Media storage inside IOCipher container

  • Group Chat

  • Onboarding: When starting the app for the first time, or adding a new account, there is a new onboarding flow to help simplify setup for new users.

  • Push: You can now briefly wake up offline ChatSecure iOS contacts via the “Knock” button. The Knock button will replace the Send button when no text is entered, you’ve previously established an OTR session with a Push-compatible contact, and the contact is offline.

  • Basic vCard nickname support

  • Automatically start OTR sessions when contact is online

  • OMEMO Encryption

  • Profile screen that shows contact’s OMEMO and OTR fingerprints

  • In-app notifications on iOS 10

  • Automatic selection of best available encryption with manual override per contact

  • TOFU (trust on first use) for OTR and OMEMO fingerprints

  • Easily share and compare OMEMO and OTR fingerprints

  • Keeps screen awake while device is plugged in and app in foreground

The program relies on a variety of different technologies:

  • OTRKit – Objective-C libotr wrapper library for OTR encryption.

  • CPAProxy – Objective-C Tor Wrapper Framework for iOS.

  • XMPPFramework – XMPP support.

  • YapDatabase – YapDatabase is a pretty awesome key/value/collection store built atop sqlite for iOS & Mac.

  • MantleModel framework for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch.

  • JSQMessagesViewController – Messages UI library for iOS.

  • MBProgressHUD – a nice looking progress HUD.

  • MWFeedParser – Methods for escaping HTML strings.

  • SSKeychain – Utilities to store passwords securely in the iOS keychain.

  • Appirater – nags people to give reviews.

  • UserVoice – in-app support forum.

  • HockeySDK – crash reporting framework.

  • DAKeyboardControl – support for swiping down keyboard in chat view.

To learn more and download your own copy of the app click here.

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