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Remove ATLAS Ransomware and restore .ATLAS files
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Remove ATLAS Ransomware and restore .ATLAS files

ATLAS ransomware .ATLAS virus removal guide bestsecuritysearch

ATLAS is a data locker malware associated with the CHIP ransomware family. Cyber criminals are disseminating the ATLAS ransomware payloads aiming to exploit PC weaknesses and corrupt particular data. The threat is designed to drop a ransom message in a file called ATLAS_FILES.txt so hackers can blackmail victims for a ransom payment. This article informs…


Remove Rush Ransomware from the System


Rush ransomware encodes victims’ files with means of the AES-256 algorithm. The extension .remind or .crashed is appended to the extensions of the encrypted files. The ransom amount is 2 BTC, which equals to over $1300. It drops ransom note, displays ransom message and provides five days to accomplish the payment. We will look into…