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How to Stop Google from Tracking Your Browser

Google plays a big role in the everyday life of a huge part of the world’s population. In today’s world, whenever you need to find a place, person, business or simply a somewhere to have a beer on a Friday night, you don’t ask a friend or an acquaintance, you ask Google. When got lost in a city, you don’t go around asking random people for directions. You use Google maps. These are just a few examples. To have such a massive amounts of data, Google must do things some people find intrusive. Through data collection, Google can get to know you very well, facts like your name, gender, birthdate, even your address and records of your voice. If that seems like too intimate a relationship, you might want to stop Google from tracking you. Here are several steps you can take.

Disable Ad Tracking on Your Google+ Account

If you want to disable the tracking of your Google activities by advertisers, you should do the following:
1. Head to Google+ Ad Settings

2. Opt-out of “Ads based on your interests”


3. You can also opt out of the advertising
DoubleClick cookie Google uses, though it doesn’t seem to work on all browsers.

Disable Google Search History Tracking

You can disable activity tracking from your Google account. That way Google doesn’t store your searches.
1. Go to your Google profile

2. Press “Manage your Google activity.” It’s under “Personal Info & privacy”
3. Click on “Go to activity control”
4. Deselect the “Web and App activity”
5. Opt out of “Web and App activity”

Disable YouTube Search History and Watch History

YouTube is another important part of Google that tracks your activity. To stop that:

1. Go to your Google profile
2. Press “Manage your Google activity.” It’s under “Personal info & privacy
3. Click on “Go to activity control”
4. Deselect “YouTube search history” and “YouTube Watch History”

How to Clear Your Google Activity

Once you’ve stopped Google from recording your future activity, you might want to delete your past activity. To do that;
1. Go to your Go to your Google profile
2. Press “Manage your Google activity” under “Personal info & privacy
3. Click on “Go to my Activity” under “My Activity”
4. In the upper right corner of the “My Activity” page, there’s a settings icon (three vertical dots.) Click on it, then click on “Delete activity by”
5. Now you can choose what to delete. You can delete your activity in a specific timeframe or just erase all your activity.

If you want to go further in denying Google any of your personal information, you may consider not using their products altogether. This could prove hard, as Google has a very useful lineup of tools, but it’s not impossible. You can swap Google Search with another search engine like Bing or DuckDuckGo. Some browsers also offer protection from cookie collection and data gathering.

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