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Cybersecurity & Malware Removal Guides – Remove the Browser Hijacker
Browser Hijackers – Remove the Browser Hijacker is a site attached to a browser hijacker, software that aims to change your default browser settings without your knowledge. can “infect” most browser, like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft’s Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera, and others. You can remove it easily using the information provided in this article. Browser Hijacker – Is…

FenixLocker Ransomware Virus – Decrypter Released
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FenixLocker Ransomware Virus – Decrypter Released

A ransomware virus called FenixLocker was released and decrypted shortly after. The virus used the “.[email protected]!!” file extension. The crooks behind it hoped to extort money out of users. However, the decrypter tool is bound to make that very difficult. It’s safe to assume that this “fenix” won’t be rising from the ash anytime soon….