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Gergana Ivanova is computer security enthusiast. She is a member of Best Security Search team and enjoys presenting the latest news on cyber-security and cyber-threat issues.

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EvilLock Ransomware Removal and .Evillock Decryption

EvilLock Ransomware Removal and .Evillock Decryption

EvilLock ransomware is a new version of Javascript Evil ransomware. The threat is of file-encrypting type and is designed to transform target files making them unable to be opened. It utilizes strong and unique AES algorithm for file encryption and the malicious file extension .evillocked as a sign of successfully encrypted file. The file HOW_TO_DECRYPT_YOUR_FILES.HTML…

How to Remove Fantom ( Ransomware

How to Remove Fantom ([email protected]) Ransomware


A recently detected sample of the infamous Fantom ransomware uncover that the bad guys have made some modifications to its source code and now the threat has а new ransom note. Fantom ransomware is known to use the malicious file extension .fantom. The threat is based on the EDA2 open source code and is still…